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Distance Learning Update and Nov 24th Parent Meeting


If you recall, prior to returning to in-person classes, we discussed the possibility of returning to a distance learning platform during our parent meetings if there was an increase of COVID-19 cases in our area. We have had a very successful return to in-person classes with no COVID - 19 "close contact" exposures to any student or staff member. All of the safety measures we put in place at Walton have prevented the virus's spread at our school. But in our community (our zip code), the COVID-19 positivity rates have increased as well as the individual cases. Therefore, our school board announced today Walton would return to full distance learning starting December 1st (after thanksgiving break) in thinking of our students and staff safety. We know this may not be what some parents hoped for, but as I have mentioned before in our meetings, the safety of all during this time will always been a priority. And this decision is based on recent data.  

The good news is we will return to the distance learning schedule we were on prior, allowing our students to transition smoothly. Their teachers will not change; the only difference is they will be logging in from home everyday receiving instruction.

I will host an important parent meeting to discuss Walton transitioning back to distance learning on Tuesday, November 24th, at 9 am and 6 pm. Please join one of the two sessions to gather important information for the first day of distance learning (December 1st).

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID: 937 1380 7758
Zoom Passcode: 075179