Halloween Costume Dress Code for Friday, October 29th - article thumnail image

Halloween Costume Dress Code for Friday, October 29th

Students may dress up on Oct 29th, but costumes must be school appropriate and comply with the school dress code, including: 

  • No costumes with offensive language or costumes depicting drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs criminal activity or degrade cultures, ethnic values, too revealing or immodest.
  • No shirts or blouses that are too tight, too short, too revealing, or immodest (see page 5 of the Student Organizer).
  • No articles of clothing or accessories that can be deemed dangerous
  • No full-face masks or full coverage make-up that will hide the identity of the student
  • No Weapons or sharp objects of any kind
  • No flip-flops or shoes that are tripping hazards

We reserve the right to ask a student to change out of costume if the costume becomes a disruption to the learning environment.  Parents/Guardians will need to bring a change of clothing.